Producer of cotton sanitary products - Lola Ribar

Lola Ribar d.d. is only Croatian producer of sanitary products and cotton and gauze hygiene products, as well as one of the biggest and oldest producers in this part of Europe. Experience of nearly a century enables our products to be present on the world market.

Health and care for you in tune with nature and the highest standars is our philosophy and goal.

Lolissima Premium Beauty

Premium Beauty products a luxury part of a female cosmetic bag that is by your side in every occasion

Cotton Wool Products

Products for face and body are made of the finest cotton to suit your natural beauty..

Sanitary Napkins Line

Sanitary napkins are designed to meet the needs of women during “those days in the month”.

Natural sensitive

The natural materials we use have a soft and pleasant texture and are highly absorbent

Mother and Child Line

 Our priority is to care for mother and baby as fits their gentle nature.

Medical Line

The Lola Care line of products is designed to offer maximum help in any situation.


First Aid Line

Our first aid kits make you feel safe on land and at sea.

Hospital line

Hospital line includes all kinds of products of gauze and sterile kits.